Message from Pastor Jim


Greetings Friends!  

Thank you for viewing our web site and welcome to our faith community.


This is a caring, supportive, grace-filled place where you can come as you are and just be you. Free thought is encouraged here. Therefore, we are an eclectic and diverse bunch, who aren’t afraid of a little dissonance. (Or maybe a lot!) In trying to find words to describe our congregation, I heard someone quip: “We’re just all over the place!” And it’s true. From backgrounds, to theologies, to nationalities, to world views, to politics, to favorite kind of ice cream, you may not find two people in this community who completely match up. And that’s what is so beautiful about this place. The grace and the love that the people of this community show one another, embracing and celebrating differences, rather than rejecting outliers and coercing conformity, makes First Church of Pittsburgh a wonderfully fertile soil where one can get rooted and grow at one’s own pace.


We have a lot of different programs and activities for a wide range of ages and interests. If you are interested in social justice and advocacy, I would encourage you to get involved in this extremely outspoken congregation. We are actively involved in reconciling ministries and wrestling with racism. We are walking with the poor and providing meals through “First Food and Friends.” We are pursuing new ways of being and living through our eco-ministry and “Bread for the World.” And we are always thinking and talking about what it means to be “the church” in our world today. This is a thoughtful, deeply spiritual, highly motivated, gathering of faith-filled people who are not afraid to get their hands dirty.


I hope you consider participating in community with us, so that we can be ‘all over the place’ together.


Grace and Love,


Pastor Jim Walker